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Do I need surgery for a ligament tear?

Q: I met with a small accident wherein I fell from bike. My doctor took an X-ray and put a cast and I have to stay with the plaster for the next 2 months. He said that the ligament has torn. He said that he will first watch the internal injury and then think of a surgery for the tear. Is this procedure right?

A:I expect it is an injury to the lateral ligament. If complete rupture has occurred it should be repaired. If it is a partial rupture then a short period in a cast followed by physiotherapy would be recommended. If it is a cruciate ligament tear, then repair is not always required in those who are not professional or serious athletes. A limited period of rest followed by physiotherapy is just as good. Two months in a cast is a long time and you must do quadriceps (thigh muscle) exercises continuously.


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