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Do I have to wear spectacles lifelong?

Q: I am a 34 years old man had got the eye-sight checked recently, and found the SPH +0.5 in both the eyes. The doctor asked me to wear spectacles, however, he also told me that my eyes are good. How long do I need to wear the glasses, or is it compulsory for lifelong? If I will wear the spectacles for some months the power will get corrected, is it true? Please suggest.

A:Doctor has rightly told you that your eyes are good. Your power is negligible and should help you in reading, computer work etc. If you do not get any headaches or inconvenience after doing close work for a long time then you don't need to wear specs at all. Wearing the glasses will not make your power better or worse. However, you will need like everybody else, to wear glasses for close up work after about 40 years of age. Fit and healthy people may prolong this depending on amount and need for close work.


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