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Do I have oesophageal cancer?

Q: I am suffering form cancer in the oesophagus and underwent surgery (three field lymphadenectomy + feeding jejunostomy). After 15 days of operation, I underwent endoscopy and the report says the scope passed clearly and pyloric opening is normal. I went for a review and according to the report the doctor has written in the case record that the SCC Gr II, III, I level 1 One level 3 & per-oesophageal node is positive metastasis 3/37 nodes. No further treatment is advised. I have not understood the above medical terminology so please clear it for me. With the above report what stage is the cancer in now? Since the cancer has been removed by means of surgery which was inside the oesophagus has it spread anywhere. The pelvis and stomach scan says there is no spread of cancer in this area. After the operation my food intake has reduced, will it improve gradually? With the above report what are the chances of survival? Also please explain me what is the meaning of oesophageal node and advice on my diet?

A:1. The medical report says that there was tumour in the oesophagus which has been removed. The nodes positivity means that the disease is advanced. My suggestion would be that you should receive some additional treatment in the form of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 2. Cancers are divided in to three categories, early cancer, locally advanced cancer and widespread disease. With early cancer, one can expect total cure. With locally advanced disease, occasionally cure is possible. with widespread or disseminated disease, cure is usually not possible. In your condition, one would expect cure with additional treatment. 3. It has only spread to the local lymph nodes. 4. Yes it will 5. Generally oesophageal cancer is a bad disease. However with additional treatment, there is a reasonable chance that you should be cured. 6. Oesophageal node as explained is a lymph node next to the oesophagus. Most tissues and organs in the body are surrounded by lymph nodes. These lymph nodes deal with infection. 7. You may find initially that you need to eat more frequently and take small meals and not mix food and water. 8. You will eventually put the lost weight but you may lose some if you go in for chemo and radiotherapy.


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