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Do I have diabetes?

Q: I am 45 years old. Recently, I developed chest pain and so went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor asked for an ECG and urine test. It was found that I have a high sugar level of 230. I forgot to ask him for diet control. I already have high blood pressure and sinus. Ten years back I also had a uterus removal surgery. Do I have diabetes?

A:As per this report you might have Diabetes but to confirm you need to get your fasting Blood sugar done; if more then 126 mg/dl then you have diabetes. Also get Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c), blood urea, creatinine and lipid profile done. Initially, you will need diet and exercise control only. Rice should be avoided but if you do like rice, then you can take one of the meals with a small quantity of rice but preferably take parboiled rice and mixed with green leafy vegetables.


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