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Do heavy periods affect the chances of a pregnancy?

Q: In my last pregnancy, my HCG levels were not where they should have been (at 7 weeks). I ended up carrying the baby to 22 weeks and then ruptured my membranes. Before this pregnancy, I was concerned about my periods. They were heavier than normal and I was passing clots. Its been 6 months since our loss and we are thinking about trying again. My periods are again very heavy and have clots. I am worried that my periods have something to do with what happened. Do heavy, clotting periods play a role in the lining that the embryo attaches to? Could my last pregnancy just not have got attached right? Could I have a hormone imbalance?

A:Sorry about your previous pregnancy loss. If your periods are generally regular, the heavy clotting should not in any way affect your pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, my only suggestion is to start taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, and eat a generally healthy, balanced diet full of fruits vegetables and proteins. Make sure that your have no vaginal infection, because, some times infections can cause preterm rupture of membranes. See an obstetrician for pre-conception counselling.


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