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Do fibroids interfere with pregnancy?

Q: A fibroid has been detected on the right lateral part of the body uterus during second month of pregnancy and now its the 4th month running. Baby's growth is OK. The fibroid which was very big in size at the time of detection (15 cm x 13 cm) is not causing any problem right now. Please tell me what can be the worst? My doctor says that I will suffer more discomfort. Its my first pregnancy.

A:Fibroids normally grow in size as the pregnancy advances. But that will not interfere with the growth of the baby. They may however cause pre-term labour, difficulty in delivery and excessive bleeding after delivery. But these are not cause for worry because proper precautions are taken once the presence of fibroid is known. I will advise you to go for hospital delivery where all the facilities are available for proper management.


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