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Do Clofranil and Flucan help treat sexual problems?

Q: I am 29 years old, weighing 70 kg and 160 cm tall. I was advised by a sexologist to take the tablets Clofranil 10 mg and Flucan 20 mg for 2 months (one tablet daily) for some sexual disorders like premature ejaculation & improper erection. I understand from the Internet that these tablets are meant for psychiatric disorders and other mental illness. I don’t have any mental illness and I am perfectly fine. I think he has given me this for delaying ejaculation. I am not really sure if I should take them? Will these have any impact as far as mental/psychiatric health is concerned? Do these have side effects?

A:One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is obesity. You need to reduce weight since with a height of 160cm you are over-weight at 70kg. Premature ejaculation is a general term, not a medical one. It is a question of timing with female sexual partner. It is true that some people have early orgasmic response in relation to one partner. The same person may not have the same problem with another sexual partner. It is not a disease. There are many non-drug methods to delay ejaculation. Details can be obtained in any good book on sex meant for lay people. Flucan is the brand name of a medicine called fluconazole. It is indicated in the treatment of fungal infections. Its side effects include damage to liver. Flucan is not even remotely connected with sexual dysfunction. I cannot see any scientific reason to prescribe this medicine to you, that too, for such a long period unless you are suffering from serious, systemic fungal infection. Clofranil is the brand name of an anti-psychotic drug called clomipramine. It is indicated in the treatment of major depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and mental/phobic disorders. Its side effects include: heart problems, heart movement abnormalities, central nervous system disturbances including anxiety, agitation, confusion, impaired alertness, psychosis. Liver disorders, allergic skin reactions. Fits, male sexual dysfunction (disturbances of libido and potency), nausea, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, dizziness, nervousness, eyesight changes, blood disorders and many more. You can see that Clofranil can cause sexual dysfunction in males.


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