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Diabetes with heart disease

Q: I am 57 years old with weight of 58 kg, fasting sugar of 90 mg and 191 mg after 2 hours of 75G glucose, with cardia finding of RBB. Do I have to start any anti-diabetic treatment?

A:I feel you should initially make sure you are exercising regularly for 30-40 minutes per day, and taking a balanced, nutritious diet, in which the fat intake is not high (ie keep cooking fat moderate, take low fat milk, avoid fried snacks), and there is plenty of fiber. If you have not been exercising before, start with gentle walking and slowly build up the briskness and time, and add upper body exercises also. Do not smoke or take too much alcohol.

Get your HbA1c tested now and regularly say every 4-5 months: this gives your average blood glucose (BG) over the previous 3 months or so. It should be within the normal range. Also get your retina and blood lipid levels checked.

Monitor your BG every month to ensure it has been normalized. If BG rises ordoes not become normal in 3-4 months time, or if you have suggestive symptoms like excess urine/ thirst/ hunger/ weight loss or gain, consult a good endocrinologist. Monitoring is very essential, whether you are taking medication or not; youcan neglect it only at peril to your health.


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