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Diabetes - sugar in urine

Q: Last year I had gone to South Africa on an official tour for 3 months and while there I consumed cold drinks (coke/pepsi) on an avg. 3-4 bottles per day. When I came back to India and had to undergo an operation, the tests done prior to the operation showed that there was sugar in my urine but not in my blood. My father was diagnosed with Diabetes but on the milder side. I on an average have one cold drink per day. What are the chances of me getting Diabetes? Please advise.

A:The diagnostic test for diabetes is the blood sugar level. If this is absolutely normal, then you do not have diabetes. If there is doubt, a special test called a glucose tolerance test can be performed, and this would settle the matter.

If you really have a normal blood sugar and still there is sugar in the urine then that it is quite possible but does not signify diabetes. It does occur occasionally although it is usually discovered at a much earlier age. There is no way to predict whether or not you will in future develop diabetes.


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