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Diabetes - Insulin

Q: My husband is 31 years old and is suffering from NIDDM. Some times he takes sugar but blood sugar level remains the same. Another thing is that he is badly afraid of insulin because some body told him that after taking insulin he will live only ten years, is that true? Does insulin have any side effects? At present he is taking oral medicines only and blood sugar level is in control.

A:1. Taking sugar occasionally is not totally forbidden for patients with diabetes. However, sugar can increase blood glucose quickly sometimes and somone with diabetes may not make insulin quickly enough to keep blood glucose controlled. Therefore, take sugar only occasionally, as a treat. Consuming sugar also increases calories and weight can increase. 2. What you have been told about insulin is incorrect. After all the insulin which is used by patients is the same which is made in the body itself. Many patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes slowly loose their ability to make insulin and require insulin as time goes by. There are definate indications for starting insulin, such as blood glucose which is not controlled despite maximum doses of drugs and strict diet and exercise. When your doctor says that your husband requires insulin he should definately take it at that time. Rather than shortening his life it will add years to it!


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