Q: I am 18 years old. I was diagnosed having diabetes three months ago. My blood sugar ranges between 230 - 315. No ketones found in my urine sample. I have not yet started any medicine. My height is 510 , weight 56 kg. NO excessive thirst or hunger. No weight loss in last one month. My specific querry is:1. Can my sugar level come down with oral medicines. 2.` Do I have to take insulin injections. If yes, from where the insulin pens be available and the range of cost.

A:I believe that you will require insulin and that you will feel much better after you take it. Insulin pens are available from 2 companies: Novo and Lilly-both work well. You should be able to find out the price through the company office in your city or through any drug store. I suggest you get in touch with an endcrinologist for further advise regarding the dose and types of insulin, diet and testing etc. Education is most important.


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