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Could hypothyroidism be the cause for missed abortion?

Q: I am a 26 years old woman diagnosed with hypothyroidism last month. When I was 6 weeks pregnant, the doctor recommended a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test, which showed the level at 90+. Then I again tested during the 7th week of pregnancy and it was 58. The doctor prescribed Eltroxin 2 mg for a week and then reduced the dosage to 1 mg later. Suddenly, I started to bleed by the end of the 7th week and it was found that I had a missed abortion. Later I underwent MTP. I am yet to have my first menstrual cycle after the abortion. I have not faced any side effects from Eltroxin till now; I take it 30-45 minutes before breakfast daily. Is a miscarriage possible due to hypothyroidism? How long should I wait before I get my TSHlevels checked? Why does my TSH fluctuate so much? What should my TSH level ideally be before I get pregnant again?

A:Missed abortion can be because of many reasons and hypothyroidism is one of these: so it cannot be said that your abortion was because of hypothyroid only. Hypothyroidism, if not controlled, can cause many problems in the developing fetus, e.g. mental retardation. Therefore, you should get TSH within normal range before you go for conception. It may take three to four months to regulate the dose.


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