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Could a vaginal discharge affect the sexual partner?

Q: My gynaecologist has given me Candizole-T eight day course as I had a problem of discharge and itching. Kindly advise if I should continue the dose as I had my period after the fourth day only and the problem seems to have subsided. My husband was given Zocon AS kit stat while I was asked to eat the same in the morning, afternoon and night. Is it OK? Is he at risk for this infection? Why did it happen? I have two children aged 3 and 1.5 years and have also had an MTP.

A:Periodic bleeding is a good culture ground for infections. The problem has subsided because of medication. You should continue during periods. Yes both you and your husband should be treated to prevent recurrence of infection from each other. Yes, you both need to be treated simultaneously. The cause could be variable depending on the type of infection. Commonest cause of a vaginal discharge with itching - candida infection - commonly seen with prolonged antibiotic intake, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy; but this is not a sexually transmitted disease. Trichomonas vaginalis is a sexually transmitted infection, with altered local condition and raised pH. The mode of contraception you are using and methods you use for perineal hygiene could be important. Use cotton panties, do not use perfumed or alkaline soaps for your private parts, and do not use vaginal douche.


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