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Controlling BP along with prostatic enlargement?

Q: For controlling BP I was taking amlopress 2.5 for about one year. This was controlling BP around 140/90. Before starting medication my BP was found to be around 160/100. I was 65 years old at that time. 3 years back my prostrate was found slightly enlarged, but benign. Doctor started giving me fincar and hytrin 1mg for BPH and tenormin 25 for BP. After 12 months and an another ultrasound my BPH was found under control and fincar was stopped. I continued with hytrin and tenormin. Two months back my BP was found to be around 150/100. Doctor increased tenormin dose to tenormin 50. My BP is now around 140/80 - 150/85. However I feel exhausted, especially in the evenings in legs and listless even in the mornings. Though I go for morning walks I find walking not as refreshing as before. My doctor says that I will have to live with this side effect. Should I insist on a change of medication?

A:Amlopress is a brand name that contains a medicine called amlodipine and is used to treat blood pressure. Fincar contains finasteride (used to control Benign Prostatic Enlargement) while Hytrin contains terazosin that is useful in both lowering blood pressure as well as controlling the effects of prostatic enlargement. While adding Fincar and Hytrin to control the effects of enlarged prostate gland are understandable, I am not clear as to why amlodipine was replaced by Tenormin (atenolol), a beta blocker, particularly when your BP was well under control. It is preferable to take amlodipine (Amlodac 2.5mg) once daily along with Hytrin 1mg daily. If the BP is still not under control, the dose of Amlodac should be increased from 2.5mg to 5mg daily.


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