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Congenital cataract in left eye

Q: I am 28 years old. Right from my school time I had a problem with my left eye. But I did not show it to any doctor because of my financial problem. When I was doing my PG, I met an ophthalmologist and showed my eye. She said I had a cataract which is developed from my childhood. She asked me to undergo a phaco surgery which I underwent. She said the deposit of calcium was so high, they were unable to fully remove the cataract and there are some minor traces of calcium were left. She asked to go for surgery to melt this tiny thing after some time. My left eye sight was not improved that much. This may become a problem for my defense related interviews. Could you please suggest me what to do? Is there any way I can improve my sight?

A:It seems that you have a developmental (congenital) cataract in one eye for which surgery was performed. Often in long standing cataract, there is partial absorption / fibrosis / calcification & patients often need a second surgical procedure or YAG Laser. Inspite of this, patients may improve poorly due to long standing defect & amblyopia (Lazy Eye). In case you are interested in persuing a career in the defence forces, you may have to be examined as to whether you would meet the visual health criteria. The Ophthalmologist should guide you as to the best course of action & further treatment.


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