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Condom slipped away

Q: The condom slipped away while having sex, we do not want to get pregnant now and we are not sure if the sperm has gone inside her parts. Please let us know what we can do now ( it is 3 full days now since it happened) to avoid pregnancy.

A:3 days after the event (almost four now) is somewhat late for any emergencycontraception. If you dont desire a pregnancy, condoms are probaly theworst form of birth control. They have the highest failure rate of allother methods. If you want to continue using condoms, I will suggest using aspermicidal foam or jelly along with the condom. With both things in placeany stray sperm will not make it to the egg.Whether or not this mishap resulted in a pregnancy, depends on where in hermenstural cycle your partner was. If she is in the beginning of her cycle orclose to having a period, the proabaility of pregnancy is low. If she is inmidcycle, the probablity is rather high (assuming that some sperm leaked).You may want to contact an obstetrician soon if she misses a period.It is also a good idea to have the morning after kit on hand for futureaccidents. Good luck with whatever happens!


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