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Cold medications

Q: I am from India & working abroad on a software project. Nowadays I am suffering from Cold due to sudden change in environment. I tried some medicines given by a french doctor but couldn't be helped a lot. In India, I was using Relisidin for Cold. Can you suggest me any medicine that can be available in France?

A:I presume you are referring to Ralcidin because no brand by the name of Relisidin exists in India. It is a multi-ingredient anti-cold, anti-allergy product that contains paracetamol, chlorpheniramine, phenylepherine and caffeine. An exact equivalent may be difficult to get in France but you can try to get one of the following French products that are more or less similar: Bronchalene, Nourisson, Polaramine Pectoral, Rhinofebral, sup-Rhinite. One of these preparations may be available over-the-counter (OTC) i.e. without a doctors prescription. If not, you can ask the pharmacist in a drug store to give you a product that contains the above Indian formula.However, you should keep a good supply of the following Indian brands: Sinarest tablets and Sinarest Vapocaps. During the attack of cold you can take Sinarest tablets (1 tab 3 times daily for 4-5 days) by mouth and use Sinarest Vapocaps 3 times daily for inhalation. These are inexpensive medicines and can be sent by your relations/friends in India in an airmail envelope. Getting a prescription and obtaining medicines for minor colds in continental Europe is not an easy task apart from being very expensive and time-consuming.


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