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Cancer Metastasis

Q: My mother aged 54 yrs had repeated stomach pain. X-ray report indicated metastatis, liver enlargement and presence of nodes. She was shown to a specialist, who has carried out various tests but nothing else has been found. Doctor said that one last test - BARIUM TEST will be carried out & afterwards the patient can be taken home. A doctor friend has told me that metastatis is a worse condition and it all depends on the location of the tumour. I wanted to know doctor what this preliminary reports indicate. My mother does not smoke, drink, nor does she consume tobacco, moreover she is a pure vegetarian. My father also expired at the age of 54 due to liver problem even though he was a pure veg & had no bad habits. Please guide me as soon as possible as i want to save my mother at any cost. References of hospitals may also be provided.

A:Metastasis means that there is tumour spread in the liver, common areas primary tumor will be colon or gastric cancer, ovarian or uterine cancer or breast cancer. If the biopsies do indeed show tumour cells, prognosis depends on type and location of primary tumour. Overall it is not a good sign and will need chemotherapy.
As I live in US I can not provide names of hospitals, but Apollo, Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute will be a good option.


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