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Can Zonegran be taken instaed of Eptoin for epilepsy?

Q: Is the anti-epileptic drug Zonegran marketed in India? There was a news that a vaccine is also likely to come up for epileptic patients in near future, of the same brand. Can patients who are on Eptoin, switch over to this new drug, under medical supervision? Will the vaccination completely cure this disease?

A:Eptoin is the brand name of a medicine called phenytoin sodium. The same drug is also sold under the brand name of Epsolin by Cadila, a reputed Indian company at just over half the cost. In long term use cost is always an important factor particularly when the medicine is same. No other medicine has been introduced recently. I am afraid lay press carries lot of news regarding future possibilities such as vaccine. Please do not rely on lay press coverage of such distant developments that may or may not take place. Phenytoin sodium is the correct medicine for you.


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