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Can we rely on the drugs prescribed by our doctors?

Q: Is it possible to secure good health for any one in India with all the best doctors of the world, when majority of the medicines available are fake and most of the doctors prescribe medicines of sub-standard manufacturers taking bribes? Secondly, is it possible for a common man to take treatment from high class hospitals located in the metros?

A:I am afraid it would not be correct to say that majority of medicines are fake. As per estimates, the percentage is more likely between 5-10%. More over there is a solution: one should always insist on a cash memo giving details of the medicine such as batch number, expiry dates, etc. If this precaution is taken, the chances of ones buying fake drugs will be very very small. Your observation that some doctors get incentives, in one form or the other, to prescribe brands is correct. One should become doubtful if brands of an unknown, small pharma company is prescribed. One can always check the ingredient and buy another brand of a reputed manufacturer. In the drugs section of doctorndtv.com only good brands are listed. Also a list of good manufacturers is available on doctorndtv.com. Many a times unnecessary medicines are prescribed such as tonics, cough mixtures, etc. Unfortunately I cannot see any solution except to locate an honest doctor. You are right that advanced medical treatment is available in metros only. The government is washing its hands off healthcare segment and encouraging private profit-making hospitals. How does one change the policy?


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