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Can using glasses control the power of eyes?

Q: The doctor said that I have a power of - 0.50 in both the eyes. I spent 3-4 years on a computer twice a week and advised me to wear specs with the same power and use an a.r.c. (anti reflection coating) while working at the computer. If I start using glasses, will my eye sight get normal after wearing it for sometime and then I can discontin using them? If I do not wear these glasses, what are the chances of the power increasing or will it remain stable. Is it ok to just wear an a.r.c glasses without any power while working at a computer? I do not get headaches and I get eye strain only when I constantly look at something in the computer. What should be the distance between me and the computer monitor? Please advise.

A:1) Even with glasses use, the power is not likely to improve and eye sight will not become normal. In fact, discontinuing the use after sometime may actually lead to increased blurring due to the fact that the eye gets accustomed to the glasses. 2) There is no difference whether glasses are worn or not, as far as further increase in power is concerned. 3) With the very low -0.5 power at present, even plano glasses with ARC for computer use are O.K. 4) The distance between the monitor and the eyes should be approximately 50-70 cms. depending on the screen size.


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