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Can ureteric stones pass out on its own?

Q: I am a 32 years old man who was diagnosed with a 7 x 6 x 5 mm partially obstructing calculi in the left lower ureter at the level of the greater sciatic foramen without evidence of hydronephrosis. I was suggested URS to remove this. I had undergone a similar procedure to remove an 8 mm stone, which was located in the left ureter as well last year. The current stone was left untouched inside the kidney and I was put on Potrate MB6 for 3 months. On taking a second opinion I was prescribed these drugs for a week - Lasix (40 mg) once in the morning, Veltam 0.4 once at night and Didanzen Forte 3 times a day. Can the stone pass out on its own? I do not have any pain at the moment. I had a similar episode 10 years back as well with a 9 mm stone, which passed out while urinating.

A:Most kidney stones of less than 5 mm size should be able to pass spontaneously. However, larger sized stones, if asymptomatic could also be watched before it passes spontaneously. But, if the concerned stone causes obstruction which most likely would also cause symptoms, it would become an indication for surgical removal. Unfortunately, none of the medications are known to dissolve the formed stone. Potrate MB6 is citrate salt preparations which along with consuming more than 2 litres of fluid / day and low salt diet are standard measures recommended to prevent recurrent stone formation. In your case, it is fair enough to watch your stone closely unless it causes symptoms while hoping that it would pass spontaneously.


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