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Can the scar in my eye disappear?

Q: I am 47 years old. Some patches have developed on my cornea. The doctor diagnosed it as viral plaque. He prescribed some lubricant drops. How much time will it take for the patches to disappear from cornea? I would also like to inform that I had conjunctivitis three months back.

A:This plaque is called corneal scar, which has been caused by a corneal ulcer that might have been caused by viral (dendritic) keratitis. Although the ulcer has healed, it has left behind a scar, which is affecting your vision, as it is in line of your vision. Just as you get a cut in the skin and it heals with a scar, it may fade a little but may never disappear completely. Also, when you said conjunctivitis you had three months ago, it was not conjunctivitis but corneal ulcer (keratitis), which has caused this scar now. I want you to remember that this may come back again, and if not treated quickly and correctly, it may cause increase in the scar and more ill effects on your vision. Treat every conjunctivitis as a recurrence unless otherwise proved, as it will cause watering and photophobia. Don't delay or neglect treatment. Usually, it does not affect the other eye.


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