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Can the right ovary be removed without removing the uterus?

Q: My 42 years old friend was operated eight years back as she had cysts in her left ovary. Now, she is suffering from swelling in right ankle and limbs and was again diagnosed with cysts in left ovary. She was asked to get her right ovary removed. The doctor asked her to get a hysterectomy done. Can her right ovary be removed without removing uterus with laparoscopy? What will happen to her uterus afterwards?

A:Even before attempting removal of the ovary, one has to be reasonably sure that there is no sinister feature either on ultrasound / CT scan or blood tests. The type of surgery will depend on the type of ovarian cyst suspected.

Yes, one can remove the ovary laparoscopically even without removing the uterus. That is the preferred method provided expertise is available and assuming the cyst is not (suspected to be) cancerous. Nothing happens to the uterus. It stays in the body. Your friend should still have her periods even if she has one ovary (retained).


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