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Can teething cause green colour stools in babies?

Q: My daughter is nearly 6 months old. Her stool is greenish in colour and she passes them 8-9 times a day. Is it a symptom of teething? At present she is on Lactogen 1 and 2-3 servings of Cerelac wheat. Is that okay for her requirment. Presently her weight is 5.9 Kg and her birth weight was 1.975 Kg. Please advise regarding improvement of her weight.

A:Your daughter seems to be healthy for her age weighing around 6kg at 6 months. Mere green colour of stools does not mean anything. If she is getting mainly breast feeds, even then the number of stools is all right. Teething may some times alter the consistency of stools but does not result in severe diarrhoea. If the baby is active, accepting feeds well and is passing urine 6-7 times in 24 hrs you need not worry. At 6 months you could also add other supplemental diets like suji, daliya, moong dal and thin khichri, mashed banana. All these things should be added gradually. If child looks unwell or is passing very watery stools or with blood or mucus get a stool test done and see your paediatrician.


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