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Can statin tablets be taken before breakfast?

Q: I take a 20 mg statin tablet everyday for my borderline cholesterol readings. Is it essential to take it at bed time? Is there any harm if I take it in the morning after a good breakfast? I normally consume moderate quantity of alcohol (generally red wine) before dinner and I understand that statins don't go well with the drinks. That's why I would like to take it along with 100 mg Zyloric in the morning after breakfast. Please advise.

A:You have not given the name of the statin since there are several molecules, the most popular being atorvastatin (sold under the brand name of Atorva). Its usual dose is anywhere from 10 to 80 mg per day depending on the response. You have not stated who told you to take the medicine at bed time. As a matter of fact it is better to take it in the morning before and/or after breakfast since its levels in the blood are 30 per cent higher when taken in the morning compared to when taken at bed time. However I must add that the effect on the lowering of cholesterol is not affected as to when it is consumed: morning or evening or before food or after food. Moderate intake of alcohol has no effect on the medicine. It has no known interaction with allopurinol (Zyloric).


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