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Can Roaccutane be used after marriage?

Q: I am suffering from acne since the last 10 years and went through various treatments but in vain. The only medicine which suits me most is Roaccutane. It helped to get rid of the acne within 3 months and then I left it but again I got back to my previous condition within 6 months. One doctor told me to stop these tablets before a year of marriage and another one told me to stop it 6 months before marriage. I wanted to know the side effects of this medicine so that I can decide whether to go for it or not again as this is the only medicine which really works on my skin?

A:Roaccutane is the brand name of a medicine called isotretinoin. It is absolutely prohibited for use in pregnancy, at least one month before conception and at least one month after stopping. The medicine causes severe abnormalities in babies of women who conceive while on this treatment. In many countries this medicine is allowed to be used in hospitals only while in others it can only be prescribed by skin specialists. The issue is not marriage but conception. It is prudent to stop medication about 6 months before planning pregnancy.


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