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Can repeated attacks of malaria be prevented?

Q: My brother had repeated attacks of malaria (P. vivax) every 4 months. He took Tab. Lariago and tab. Metakelfin. We are taking full precautions and use the mosquito repellent (allout) every night. Physicians told me that the parasite lives in the liver in healthy humans without causing any disease. It causes illness when the immunity level of the body falls. Is it safe to take weekly doses of medicines for precaution sake?

A:It is true that malaria parasites sometimes continue to reside in the liver without causing immediate fever but they should be eradicated by taking primaquin 15 mg (sold under the brand names of PMQ-Inga, Malirid-DS) daily for 14 days. Patients with G6PD deficiency may not take this medicine.


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