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Can regesterone be taken during pregnancy?

Q: I am married and have a menstrual problem. I don't get my periods properly. I consulted a doctor who told me that I am overweight and asked me to take tablet Regesterone twice for 3 days. If I get pregnant and continue taking this tablet, will it cause an abortion? What else can I do to get my period properly?

A:Regesterone is the brand name of a medicine called norethindrone. It is a progestogen with many uses such as (a) Contraception (b) Dysmenorrhoea (c) Menorrhagia (d) Endometriosis (e) Amenorrhoea (f) To delay menstruation. It is not permitted to be used during pregnancy since the baby may develop serious malformations. While being administered, it acts as a contraceptive agent; so the chances of pregnancy are remote while on the medication.


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