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Can ptosis damage eyesight even after surgery?

Q: My 19 years old daughter’s eye muscles were weak at the time of her birth. She also had ptosis because of which one of her eyelids was blocking her eye. When she was 6 years old, she had an eye surgery done. Her eye opens fully now but she doesn’t close her eyelid completely while sleeping? Will this damage her eyesight?

A:Ptosis is drooping of upper lid and usually from birth as your daughter had as a result of weakness of 3rd cranial (Oculomotor) nerve.
The only thing we need to feel concerned about that if the drooping lid is so much that it is covering the pupil in which case it has to be surgically corrected as soon as possible other wise that eye will have poor vision ie Lazy (amblyopic) eye. That eye may also develop squint.
Ptosis correction otherwise is a cosmetic operation and it has to be balanced. In other words if it is not corrected properly, ptosis will not be corrected and if it is corrected more that the eye does not close properly, the eye can develop not only dryness of the cornea but also exposure keratitis or corneal ulcer, scar and affect vision.
If this has not happened so far, it is unlikely to happen now but you may have to make sure that eye closes properly when she goes to sleep. Tape the eyelids and/or use lubricating eye drops to prevent dryness in the first place.


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