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Can prolonged computer use affect my eyes?

Q: I am a 32-year-old-male and have undergone a scleral buckling surgery in my right eye and laser photocoagulation procedure in my left eye two months back. I joined office after a month’s rest. My queries are: Since I work in IT industry, which demands sitting in front of computer, I feel uneasiness in my right eye like itching sensation and tiredness, which makes it difficult for me to continue work properly. Will it go away in due course or is it a matter of concern? In the long run, will my working in IT industry, i.e. looking at the computer for a long time, affect my eyes adversely? What is the chance of getting retinal tear/hole in my eyes due to computer use?

A:Your surgery and laser has nothing to do with your job. You can work as long as you want on the computer. Get the eye pressure checked up. Buckling and the RD surgery do produce some surface unevenness at the limbus and conjunctiva, and that would produce the symptoms you have mentioned. There could also be mild inflammation for which you can seek eye drops. However, your symptoms would disappear over the next few months. See if cold packs on the eye and preservative free tear eye drops help you. Periodically, get your retina checked in both eyes as retinal holes and degenerations can continue to progress, inspite of laser treatment. I repeat, you can continue to work on computers.


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