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Can one conceive at an advanced age?

Q: I still have regular periods and my mother probably went into menopause around the age of 52. She had me when she was about 39y. My sister had her first and only child at the age of 43, she had an undetected thyroid problem and had several miscarriages. I have some questions: with fertility treatments is it possible to have a child before the age 50 using one's own eggs? Also, is it true that the man's age makes a difference in the probability of genetic abnormalities as men over the age of 40y too can have a problem with optimal conception? Are there any tests that I can do to test my fertility?

A:It appears that in your family the female fertility is maintained for a longer period of time. That is good news for you. The fact that you are still having regular periods, tells me that you are probably ovulating regularly. That also is good news. There are hormone levels (FSH, LH Prolactin) that your can get tested to see if you are heading towards menopause. Remember, time is of essence for you. If you can find the right specialist, you can attempt artificial insemination of your own eggs. Men in general do not have problems with fertility as they age. The mechanism of sperm production also offers some protection against genetic abnormalities.


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