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Can Normaxin-RT increases blood sugar level?

Q: I am 34 years old man suffering from OCD and bipolar disorder. I am taking Escitalopram-40 mg, Fluoxetine -40 mg, Encorate Chrono-1000 mg and Nitrest 5 mg. Earlier I was taking Risperidone also but it increased my sugar level to 180 (fasting) so I had to discontinue it. After two weeks of discontinuing the medicine, my sugar level came down to 135 (fasting). Then my doctor gave me Normaxin-RT for irritable bowel disorder. Within one week of starting Normaxin-RT, my blood sugar level increased to 191 (fasting). Is there any report of Normaxin-RT increasing blood sugar level?

A:Normaxin-RT is an irrational fixed-dose combination of many medicines put together in one pill namely dicylomine, clidinium, chlordiazepoxide (habit forming resulting in addiction) and ranitidine. Naturally the side effects of all ingredients get added up. The Kerala High Court has ordered the Central Government to ban such combinations, which is being done. Such products are not allowed to be sold in any advanced western country.


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