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Can my retinal problem be treated?

Q: I am a 32 years old male. I see a grey spot right in the centre of vision in the right eye. I don’t wear spectacles. The sharpness of vision on right eye has reduced. Also the letters on computer or book look smaller and somewhat distorted to me. I saw a doctor who told me that I am suffering from central serous retinopathy (CSR) and the cause and cure of this disease is not known. This has occurred to me for the third time, last two being two and four months back. Earlier, each time the grey spot went away in around three weeks but this time it’s not the case. It’s been a month that I am having this now. My usage of computer is normal and work environment is sometimes stressful. How can I treat this condition?

A:CSR is an idiopathic retinal condition. It is occasionally associated with stress. Hence, you should consider meditation, etc. to reduce stress levels. There is no cure for the condition. However, for recurrent and recalcitrant cases, focal laser treatment is occasionally used. The patient is advised toYou should discuss it this with your doctor.


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