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Can my mother's vision be restored?

Q: My mother is 82 years old. For years she has been complaining of hair growing in her eyelids. Whenever she consulted about this problem, the eye specialists would just remove the hair and send her back. No one gave any permanent solution. Now the cornea specialist says that ingrowing hairs have damaged her cornea and her vision is badly affected. Is there any permanent solution to ingrowing hairs? Also what is the way out to restore her vision?

A:In growing eye lashes are called trichiasis or entropion which not only cause discomfort and watering eyes but prolonged rubbing against cornea causes corneal ulcers which eventually heal to cause corneal opacity and in turn this affects vision. There are surgical procedures to correct these permanently in addition to electrolysis which can give long term relief but not permanently. Your eye specialist can advise you about the operation. Corneal opacity can only be corrected by corneal transplant which in India is not easy. You also get temporary relief as well as some visual improvement through contact lenses. These depend upon your eye specialist as well as acceptance by the patient.


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