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Can my father take Ecosprin for high blood pressure?

Q: My father doesn't have any cardiac problems. He has mild BP of 140/80 and insists on talking Ecosprin, but we are refusing self-medication. Does Ecosprin have any side effects in normal persons? My grandfather is a heart patient and has been taking Ecosprin for last 6-7 years. Does it have any adverse effects on prolonged use, because he gets some reddish spots on his forearm once in a while? The doctor has asked him to discontinue Ecosprin, as it might have caused subcutaneous haemorrhage. Is it true?

A:Aspirin (Ecosprin) is a blood thinner and is indicated in patients of angina. It has no role to play in a person of 70+ years whose blood pressure is quite normal at 140/80. Contrary to earlier claims, recent data suggests that aspirin not only does not reduce but actually increases the risk of haemorrhagic stroke by 69% in males (though not in females). It is unwise to start taking potent medicines without any reason.


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