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Can my daughter undergo LASIK surgery?

Q: My 23 years old daughter has been suffering from eyesight problem for the past 10 years. Her eyesight number is minus 5.5 and minus 6.0. Earlier she uses glasses, but now she is using contact lenses. Can she undergo LASIK surgery? Is it safe?

A:Laser vision correction gives you freedom from glasses & contact lenses and the other hassles related to it as replacing the eyeglass frames and lenses at regular interval or the disposable contact lenses and the hassle of changing them daily. Laser vision correction is extremely safe and the latest technology i-LASIK (blade free LASIK) is also approved. To know whether a candidate is suitable for the procedure or not, few tests are undertaken to determine the thickness of cornea and certain other parameters are done. Many candidates have undergone laser vision correction and have changed the way they see the world. So, you also may opt for laser vision correction for your daughter.


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