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Can my daughter's eyesight be restored without using spectacles?

Q: My 9 years old daughter cannot see things at a distance e.g. things written on the black board. She is an avid reader and is otherwise always reading a book without discomfort. Is any way to improve or restore her sight without getting her spectacles?

A:Your daughter seems to be having a condition called Myopia i.e. short sightedness. She can see the near objects clearly but not those at a distance. At her age, there are just two options available: - 1) Spectacles, which remain the safest option. 2) Contact Lenses, which have to be inserted and removed daily. Contact lenses have their own share of complications, some of which are vision threatening, if hygiene and care is not observed. Excimer Laser correction of Myopia is available to those aged above 20 years.


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