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Can my autistic son get married at 35 years?

Q: My 25 years old son is suffering from autism. He manages his activities on his own, but he is academically weak. On medical analysis, he is assessed with 40% mental retardation. He is now on training in a shop, after which I have planned to provide him a similar shop, whereby he can earn his basic needs. Can I arrange his marriage at the age of 35 years? There is nobody to look after him after me.

A:I think ultimately it is the wish of all parents to see their kids happy. As children grow up parents sometimes tend to still feel responsible for fulfilling the needs of their kids and believe that marriage is one of them. Marriage is an institution and is between two human beings both of whom have needs individually and also combined needs as they live together and further needs if they decide to have children. In this arrangement it is important to consider the needs of both the people between whom the marriage takes place as well as the responsibilities of each other. While on one hand marriage can bring in the factor of accompaniment, it can also bring in the factor of disillusionment if needs are not met or responsibilities are skewed to one. Apart from this, is also the factor of ease of compatibility between two partners, which can be challenging depending upon specific factors. Thus, one may want to seriously consider what approach one may want to take and that all the individuals / parties concerned be aware of the challenges and factors including diagnosis etc.


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