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Can my 6 weeks pregnant wife travel by air?

Q: My wife is pregnant and her pregnancy is about 6 weeks old. At present, she is away from me and staying with my parents in another town but she is not happy there so wants to come to me. I do not want to take any risk. The doctors say that though air travel is safe but I am still confused. It is about an hours journey by air. The doctors say that mental tension is riskier than travel during these first 3 months so its better to call her here. Please advise. Is a three wheeler safe for local travels? My wife is taking ecosprin tablet along with folic acid daily. Is it really required for pregnancy?

A:There is no risk to pregnancy of any mode of travel including air and three wheelers, the fetus is beautifully protected by nature and a normal fetus does not abort because of jerks or fatigue. Ecosprin is useless and harmful; please stop it. I am not sure why you are so scared and why you believe that your wife pregnancy is at risk? Please explain the reason (is it her past history) if the baby is conceived normally it will deliver normally and vice versa, nothing that she does or does not do, eat or does not eat, travel or stays in bed, exercises, work, walk, talk will change the course of pregnancy. No, mental stress is not harmful to the baby. There is no evidence of that and saying that is unkind and medically incorrect the pregnant women. Pregnancy is an emotionally turbulent experience for most women especially who are as scared as you are and maybe your wife is. Please have faith in nature since it has developed a beautiful system and one cell eventually grows into a beautiful baby. Please let nature do its job. By being paranoid you will not ensure a normal pregnancy and may actually make you wife more insecure. Ecosprin is useless and potentially harmful in early pregnancy. I am not sure why it was prescribed but if there is doubt as to whether a drug is useful or harmful in pregnancy it is best to avoid it completely unless it is life saving and Ecospirin is certainly not life saving.


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