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Can Mobizox have fatal side effects?

Q: My 31 years old daughter delivered a baby through c-section and was expected to be discharged on the fourth day after delivery. But after 2 days of delivery, she complained of pain in her lower abdomen and back so the doctor gave her few painkillers and sedatives like Voveran, Fortwin, Phenargan and Avil. When there was no relief after 3-4 hours, the doctor advised for Mobizox. Since this medicine had some side effects on her in the past, she told the doctor not to give Mobizox. This was not given at that time but on the next day in the morning when the pain persisted, she was given Mobizox in spite of resistance. About half an hour after taking the drug her condition rapidly deteriorated, her blood pressure became as low as 80/40 mmHg and platelet count decreased to 15000 only. She also had a heart attack and could not be saved despite resuscitation measures taken by the hospital. Can Mobizox cause such serious effects leading to death? The post mortem report says rashes on various parts of the body and haemorrhages in most of the body organs. Viscera and blood examination report is still awaited. Also, can the doctor and hospital be liable for giving the medicine, which was refused by the patient? Please suggest.

A:Mobizox contains three medicines: diclofenac, paracetamol and chlorzoxazone. Since this product had caused reactions in the past and the doctor was duly informed of this past history, it was negligent on his part to administer the same to the patient. Allergic reaction to Mobizox can be fatal. There is very little doubt that the patient died due to severe allergic reaction (rashes, low BP, low platelet count etc.) and lack of urgent treatment to deal with the situation. It may be mentioned here that a combination of these three medicines viz. diclofenac, chlorzoxazone and paracetamol is not permitted in any advanced country such as United States, Britain, Australia, Japan etc. Even in India, the drug is not only scientifically irrational but also unlawful since it is not approved by the Drugs Controller General, India (DCGI), Ministry of Health and Government of India. Mobizox appears at serial number 444 of the list of illegal combinations circulated by DCGI. Interestingly, the manufacturer Ranbaxy (owned by the Japanese) is selling this drug in India while it is not permitted to do so in its home country, Japan. Thus attending doctor, Ranbaxy and the DCGI are all answerable and responsible for the most tragic death of a young patient in the prime of her life.


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