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Can mitral valve prolapse cause a heart attack?

Q: I am 38 years old male, working in an export company as a Communication Officer. My weight is stable at 45 kgs. Last month, all of a sudden I had chest discomfort and felt a kind of strain in my heart. I had an ECG which showed slight variation according to a Cardiologist. As per his suggestion I had an ECHO Cardiogram, which showed impression of Mild non-rheumatic mitral regurgitation. As per the cardiologist prescription I am taking Pantoprazole-40(one dose in the morning), Mosepid (both morning and evening) for the past three weeks. Still, at times I am having a feeling of pain in my whole left arm and a feel of strain in my heart. I fear a possibility of a heart attack or a stroke and I have developed an anxiety neurosis due to this condition. I want to know what is the remedy for this?

A:The description of your symptoms and the echo report suggests a mild mitral valve prolapse. This is a very benign condition and does not lead to heart attacks. It also does not require any specific medication. However, if pain bothers you a stress echo or a stress thallium may be a good test to rule out any cardiac cause of this discomfort.


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