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Can medicines prevent diabetes?

Q: Is Rosicon (Rosiglitazone) effective in prevention of diabetes in case of overweight individuals with IGT? I read that some doctors prescribe Rosicon for the overweight with IGT to prevent future diabetes. What is the real fact?

A:Patient with impaired glucose intolerance (IGT) have a 2% chance of conversion to become diabetics every year. IGT is a prediabetic state. Various studies have shown that lifestyle modification, metformin and glitazones including rosiglitazone can help in prevention of DM. Life style modifications are equally effective when compared with metformin for prevention of DM. Recently glitazones have shown to prevent DM in patients having IGT. Personally I have some reservation in using glitazones in obese people with IGT as it can cause fluid retention and further weight. I will suggest vigorous life style changes in form of diet and exercise as first line treatment in persons having IGT.


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