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Can medicines cure a blocked heart valve?

Q: I am suffering from a heart disease from the past four years. Doctors told me that one valve is blocked. I have been taking medicines but there are no visible symptoms like pain in the chest, I can climb stairs too, there is no problem at all. I am taking clavix 75 mg 1 daily; acitrom 2mg 1 daily; digoxin 1/2 for 5 days; ecosprin 75 mg 1 daily; 1 injection peniben-12 after each month. Are these medicines sufficient? Should I get the check up done again? Is the blockage curable by medicines?

A:It appears that you are suffering from mitral stenosis where one of the heart valve is not blocked but narrowed. Medicines are given to prevent complications and generally have to be taken for years, if not lifetime, though penicillin can be stopped after a while. Acitrom is a brand name; the name of the medicine is necoumalone. It stops blood from clotting. Digoxin is the generic name of the medicine. It helps the heart to pump effectively. I hope you are taking a quality brand of a reputed manufacturer such as Lanoxin of GlaxoSmithKline. Ecosprin is a brand name; the name of the medicine is aspirin. It also keeps the blood thin and helps prevent clotting. Penibin-12 is apparently a brand name that contains long-acting penicillin. Internationally recognised quality brand of this medicine is Penidure LA-12 of Wyeth. It checks the growth of Streptococcal bacteria which cause the problem. Clavix is the brand name of a medicine called clopidogrel. It stops blood from clotting. Internationally recognized quality brand of this medicine is Noklot of Cadila Healthcare. All these medicines are required though your doctor; in all probability, will stop penicillin in due course. Since so many substandard brands are in the market in India, it is always advisable to consume quality brands of reputed companies. Your medication is quite appropriate though your doctor will perhaps reduce the numbers in due course. Surgery is an alternative option.


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