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Can lemon juice and guavas affect my pregnancy?

Q: I am 13 weeks pregnant. Before pregnancy I used to take lemon juice twice a day with sugar and after pregnancy I used to take lemon juice with salt, not very regulary but immediately after vomiting. I was told that pregnant women should not drink lemon juice, is that right?. As I have been taking it for nearly 13 weeks, is that going to affect me or my baby? Now I drink tender coconut twice a day once in morning as soon as I wake up and one in the evening. Can I continue with that? I also eat more guavas as compared to other fruits, is that ok? One of our relative who took a lot of lemon juice and guavas has got white patches all over her body after her delivery. Could that be due to lemon and guavas? Please advise me what are the foods that I can have?

A:Fruits are good at all times. These fruits and lemon juice do not have anything to do with white patches. Tender coconut juice is also good. However, too much of anything is not good. You must have a balanced diet. By now your vomiting would have stopped. A diet rich in fibre is good. The fruits and juices in the dose you have mentioned will not harm your baby.


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