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Can it be a viral or typhoid fever?

Q: My son, who is 2.5 years old, is suffering from fever for the last six days. After giving Crocin, the fever decreases but again rises after every 6 hours. Right now he is taking Crocin and CEFTAS-100 CD, twice daily. Other than fever he has no problem though earlier he had mucus in stool. After five days of fever, blood test is negative for typhoid. Is this a viral fever or typhoid? If it is typhoid, how long will it take to be cured and which medicines should be given? Some doctors prescribe Nimesulide, is it banned or can it be given as earlier there was a lot of debate regarding its side effects?

A:Your son who has fever for last 6 days could either be having viral or typhoid fever or any other thing. I think the doctor who has examined and investigated the child is the best person to give you an answer. It may be difficult to diagnose typhoid during first week of fever when the tests may come negative. If it is typhoid fever it may take 3 - 7 days after starting specific medications for the fever to settle down. If it is viral, it should settle over next 2-3 days. Choice of medication depends on the diagnosis that is being considered. Regarding Nimesulide, this not a banned drug, but should not be used loosely. Paracetamol or Crocin still is the first line medicine to control fever. But if the child has very high fever and everything else fails, it can be used judiciously after being prescribed by your doctor.


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