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Can Irozorb, Susten and Shecal be taken during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 22 years old woman into my 14th week of pregnancy. My haemoglobin is 10 g/dl.. I am taking Irozorb, Susten and Shecal tablets. Are these tablets safe for fetal development?

A:A haemoglobin content of 10g/dl is barely adequate especially during pregnancy. In general, during pregnancy there is a lot of stress on the body to meet the increasing demands from the developing fetus. Also, iron is very important for the appropriate mental development of the baby. While what you are on with respect to the medications (Tablet Irozorb) seems fine, except that I would suggest you to have it twice daily. Please ensure that you discuss this with your obstetrician. Again, supplements are just an addition to what you should get from a good wholesome diet. So please ensure that your diet is adequate and is rich in iron and essential elements and vitamin.


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