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Can infertility due to endometriosis be treated?

Q: My wife is suffering from infertility due to adhesions which coiled the fallopian tube. Doctor has prescribed Medroxyprogestrone 10 mg tab for 90 days & then asked for 3 times HSG to flush remaining adhesions; then can start with ovulatory drugs to conceive. Is it possible?

A:You seem to be having a condition called endometriosis; wherein with each menstruation, you have a tendency to bleed internally, which can lead to adhesions. Also, how was your condition diagnosed - whether laparoscopy was done. If not, you should first undergo laparoscopy. You should try and conceive as soon as possible; as this condition can affect your uterus, tubes and ovaries too. So, instead of wasting your time taking progesterone tablets, you should try and conceive fast; using ovulating inducing agents with serial ultrasonic follicular studies.


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