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Can I wear contact lenses?

Q: For the last couple of months, I have developed minus power in both my eyes. The right eye is cylindrical - 1.25 and axis 90 degree vision 6/6 (p); left eye is cylindrical - 1.25 axis 75 degree vision 6/6 (p). The problem is with this power and different degrees the slightest of imbalance, the spectacle frame causes discomfort and if I don't wear them, it causes headache. Will contact lenses suit me because of the peculiar power I have, as some people are against it? If I do not wear spectacles, will my power increase?

A:You have not developed this power recently but you were borne with it. Fact is most of us have some defects in our eyes and as long as you are fit and healthy, you don't notice any problem as you can cope and compensate for your defect by putting up with extra strain on your eyes. Once your general health runs down, it starts to bother you and you have to wear glasses. Moreover, it also depends on how much you are using your eyes, as reading, TV, computer work, etc. will start to produce strain on your eyes. You can wear contact lenses for it but this requires strict hygiene i.e. cleanliness of lenses and solutions etc and amount of time you can wear them. I would recommend hard gas permeable contact lenses, which are less harmful and last for a long time and are relatively economical as well. Not wearing spectacles or contact lenses will not increase your power but because of eyestrain you will get headaches and also things are not sharp as they should be. Your power is not large or peculiar, therefore your contact lenses should be standard price.


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