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Can I undergo cataract surgery for the removal of my lens?

Q: I am a 48 years old man having a problem in one of my eyes. My left eye has distant vision 1+ whereas my right eye’s power is changing constantly, which is 6+ at present. My blood sugar levels and other relevant tests are fine. My lens is getting swollen due to excessive hydration thereby causing the change in curvature resulting in changed number. The doctor says that after the surgical removal of the lens due to opacity my number will automatically be reduced. So I have to wait for the cataract to appear in the near future. Can I undergo surgical removal of the healthy lens without waiting for cataract to appear?

A:Yes, there is no harm in having cataract surgery to correct significant refractive error except for usual risks of any operation like infection etc., but make sure that surgery is done by phacoemulsification with implant, results of which are much better and predictable as compared to old cataract surgery.

You need to remember that you may still need reading glasses after that.


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